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Enhance Education of 400 School Students in India

The problem

Despite a glorious past and the present potentiality, Birbhum ranks among the 250 most backward Districts (out of 640) in India. Murarai II Community Development Block is one of the most backward Block with a high percentage of Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe and Muslim population. Most of them belong to labour class. The able bodied male and female members in a family go out for labour work in the morning and cannot take care of the children. Moreover, they are more interested to engage their children either in household activities or supplementary income of the family. Further the teachers in the rural schools often take leave and do not take much care of the students for the preparations of their lessons. Naturally the children from the primary stage remain dropouts and become either household servant or child labour.


This project will motivate the students to be attracted to education and to motivate their parents not to make their children house servant and child labour instead they must send their children to school. Unless the students ind interest in study and get proper nutritional supplement they cannot be attracted to school curriculum. Keeping in view of these points this project will facilitate the beneficiaries ( the primary class students) with all round development through proper education, knowledge and skill to make them adopt high quality education. For this it will adopt modern methodology of imparting education to the primary school village students.. It will provide them text book, note book, slate, pencil, pen shoes etc. The schooling centres will be made attractive to the students with all sorts of modern teaching paraphernalia. This project will provide them nutritious tiffin and educate them in extra curriculum activities like song, dance, games etc. for the all-round development of the students This project will support to enroll them in regular school through non-formal education or coaching in schooling centres.. It will also provide medical support to the students. This project will provide training to the teachers for quality education. This project will ultimately make the primary School students fit for higher classes and imbibe in them the qualities like team spirit, tolerance, flexibility which in turn enriches them in building their character.


The trained teachers’ care and their direct & personal involvement will bring lasting effect on mobilizing material and human support for proper education. The knowledge they will gain along with proper nutritional support will help them to become self sufficient and confident so as to prepare them for higher classes and to help themselves and the society. Being attracted in extra curriculum activities they will adopt qualities like team spirit, tolerance, flexibility which in turn enriches them in building their character.

Proposed Requirement and Budget


Despite overall growth the poverty has continued to pervade the rural Birbhum. Most children of these disadvantaged people of rural Birbhum can only afford to government school. These government schools , which are lacking basic facilities, facing teacher shortages, having unmotivated or frequently absent teachers and a pedagogy heavily focused on exams rather than learning. As a result the students do not find inteferest in education and  opt for drop out. The parents take this chance to engage them for income supplement. Most of the children come from families where both parents are daily wage earners, who leave for work early in the morning. The only meal they cook is dinner, a portion of which is kept aside for the children as breakfast and lunch as well. In the absence of any vegetables, fruit or proteins, the nutritional content of their food is very poor. This project proposed to address these issues, namely, children’s Health, motivating the children to education through joyful learning and motivating parents to send their child to school.

Schooling Centres

This project proposes to open 10 Schooling Centres in the rural areas of the Block Murarai I in the district of Birbhum. The proposed areas of the 10 Schooling Centres are Dadpur, Guskara, Kestara, Ratanpur, Panchgachia, Parkandi, Sabaypur, Ramchandrapur, Bansloi and Kalpokhra for providing Joyful learning, providing one tasty and nutritious meal to these kids primary lever, preparing them mentally and physically fit through extra curriculum activity like Yoga, games music etc. to continue education and prepare for higher classes. 40 students will be admitted in each centre. The class rooms will be spacious, and attractive with modern learning equipments. There will be two teachers, one contingent staff, one chowkidar and one awareness coordinator in each centre. Besides there will be one Field Office at Suri, the district headquarters to conduct and monitor the whole programme having link with head office in Kolkata. There is a strong focus is on recruiting the right teachers, training them well and keeping them motivated. The holistic development of the child, through sports, yoga, arts and crafts, health and environmental education not only make school more interesting for children, but also offer essential elements for the all-round development of the child.


  • To take education beyond literacy and rudimentary skills through a holistic approach
  • To strive to make children fluent in English and adept in computer skills
  • To provide a nurturing, child-friendly environment, helping children learn in a joyful manner
  • To promote education for girls
  • To increase educational awareness in rural communities while preserving local identities and culture
  • To reach out to children absent from school and provide, social inclusion, reduced student /teacher ratios and access to sanitation.
  • All round development of the child.
  • Enriching the curriculum to provide for overall development of children instead of the textbook centric method of education,

Building-up a child’s knowledge, potential and talent.

  • Development of physical and mental abilities of a child to the fullest
  • Learning through activities, discovery and exploration in a child-friendly and child-centered manner.
  • Creating an environment where children are free of fear, trauma and anxiety and teaching children to express their views freely.
  • Comprehensive, continuous evaluation of a child’s understanding and knowledge and ability to apply them.
  • making examinations more flexible and integrated into classroom schedules
  • connecting knowledge to the reality of students’ lives outside the school
  • maintaining a close link with government school
  • other educational aids, including digital content, are used extensively
  • Slow learners are given extra attention by experienced teachers
  • Children learn in a stress-free environment. Discipline is maintained without physical punishment or harsh words but through positive einforcement
  • Basic hygiene is taught by the teachers. This may include learning to brush their teeth, keep themselves neat and clean and how to use a toilet


MACHRD will provide the following major inputs for Schooling Centres:

  • Hiring proper teachers to reduce the student-teacher ratio
  • hiring teachers for special instruction to integrate slow learners into the regular classes
  • adoption of a English language program
  • adding hitherto neglected aspects like sports, yoga, music and healthcare
  • basic training for teachers to adopt child friendly teaching methods: maintaining discipline without physical punishment, motivating children, lesson planning, access and use of classroom educational aids and digital content
  • hiring staff for cleaning and maintenance of school and providing cleaning materials

Teacher Training Programme

The Teachers who will be appointed for this project for teaching in the Schooling Centres will be trained in:

  • How to teach and maintain discipline without corporeal punishment, harsh words or humiliating the child.
  • How to use positive reinforcements and rewards, to motivate the kids.
  • How to use learning materials effectively, how to observe and gauge the level of understanding of the kids in the class, how to ensure kids are participating in the class and not drifting off
  • How to conduct assessments to gauge the level of the kids, observe improvements on various skills which are monitored every month.
  • Subject specific related training in English and Bengali.

The initial training is for 10 days and is followed by 2 other trainings within a year for 3 days duration each, where there is a reinforcement of the initial training and addressing of practical difficulties faced by the teachers, as well as training on usage of learning materials.

Monitoring and Evaluation

The progress of the children will be periodically monitored through tests and worksheets designed and administered to test understanding and progress made. The children are graded based on their performance in these tests. Worksheets are administered at the conclusion of each major topic or concept, while the tests are conducted every 3 months. The School Coordinator will monitor the operation of the program of all these Schooling centres on an ongoing basis. The School Coordinator will visit each school at least once a week, observe the teachers and guide them/provide feedback on the teaching methods, use of teaching aids, etc. They also ensure the regular attendance of the teachers as well as interact with the teachers to ensure proper coordination and support wherever required. The School Coordinator will report to Secretary every time through Information Management Operator. The extra curriculum coordinator will monitor the extra curriculum activities in the manner the School coordinator do.The Information Management Operator will prepare all the reports. In addition, the Secretary will makes surprise visits to the schools and also gets direct feedback from the school teachers. Team of the Coordinators will design the worksheets, tests, etc. as well as identifies the classroom teaching aids needed to support the teachers and children. This team also designs the training programs for the teachers and supervisors and conducts the same.

Total Budge

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1 Infrastructure Requirement
2 Staff
3 One Time
4 Recurring
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Grand Total
2676.4796 2480.0716 2480.0716 2480.0716 2480.0716


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