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Majhipara Ambedkar Centre for Human Research and Development (MACHRD) was conceived in the mind and hearts of a few social scientists (specifically anthropologists) way back in 2000 when they were travelling all over the country, researching and mapping the entire aspects of human culture and development with special focus on the indigenous communities settled in the East and North East States of India.  More than the data and interesting statistics, they were appalled and went through a numbing experience when faced with the prevailing living conditions of the communities – that of abject poverty, illiteracy, sickness and child mortality, deprivation from basics of life, inequality in letter and spirit and a general sense of despair and hopelessness. It was all the more tragic and conscience-crippling due to the fact that the country was speeding towards 21st century and that many of the shocking situations were and are illogical, uncalled for, avoidable and the same were and are man-made by selfish fellow human beings.

The scientist friends, then and there resolved to fight back and contribute in every possible way towards alleviation of the stark poverty and enhancement of quality of life of these lovable people saddled with social divisions and walls of disparity, inequality, untouchability and indignity. This zeal, a burning love for own fellow countrymen, a sense of commitment…….ultimately gave birth to Majhipara Ambedkar Centre for Human Research and Development in the winter of 2005 under the hallowed name of Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, one of the tallest Leaders  of independent India who fought till the end of his life the evils of caste  system and inequality in the society. Dr B.R. AMBEDKAR Majhipara Ambedkar Centre for Human Research and Development (MACHRD) got registered (S/1L/26596 of 2004-2005) in the forenoon of 10th January 2005 as a not-for–profit Non-Govt Organisation under the Society’s Act 1961